OTA and streaming without changing inputs?


Nov 25, 2017
I am considering cutting the cable, but as a matter of convenience I'd like to be able to tune to both ota local channels and streaming channels without the additional step of changing inputs on my remote. Is this possible? Seems to me that there ought to be a tv with built-in logic to recognize a vhf channel (2 through 13) and take it off the ota feed, while also recognizing non-ota channels and taking them off of the streaming feed.

Or perhaps there's a device that will combine these feeds from different sources, and send that combined signal to the tv tuner?

Or if that seemingly simple logic device doesn't exist, will someone please invent it?

Thanks for your help.
Some TVs have a combined program guide that might make switching inputs less transparent but it still does that. Since OVA TV is scheduled and streaming services are on demand they can't really combine them together.
The TIVO Roamio does combines 6 OVA tuners & PVR functions with streaming services. It would connect to one input on your TV.
You would have to check out the interface to see if you would be happy with it.