Overheating issues on MSI Gaming Notebook


Jan 2, 2017
I need help!

Alright so about 1-2 months ago, my dad got me this new laptop


And i was :OO when he took it home, RIGHT at the first day, something was wrong. I've just finished the system installation when you first start up a laptop, setting password and all that. The sound was distorted af, luckely my dad managed to fix this. I continued on, updated the drivers and it happened again, both me and my dad was confused, he managed to fix it and the sound problem hasn't happened again. Anyways, i installed steam, battle.net and some video games. And started playing. It was nice and all, max settings, 60 fps. A lovely day. But after like 30-60 minutes, the keyboard was really hot. I opened the MSI Dragon Gaming Center app that came installed and saw the dGPU was on 88C and CPU was about to hit 90C. I hit the button that increased the fan speed, to think that the fans were not fast enough. Fans got louder and air started to blow again. I started gaming and then again, 30 minutes later, it was STILL around 90C. i told my dad to check it out and he was rather confused aswell. Now this has been going on for like a few weeks. And im fearing it will destroy the laptop. I cannot open up the laptop to clean the fans and the inside of the computer to remove any dust stuck to it because of a warranty. And the vacuum cleaner is rather weak and doesn't do anything.

So what do i do, do i just let it kill itself from the overheating? Do i demand a refund and ask my dad to buy a PC? Can i fix this myself? Do i ignore this?

Also to note out, its almost 90C on GTA San Andreas.
around 27C indoors, -4C outdoors, and the laptop is laying flat on the table.

There is like a big
under my computer to let air out in the middle. there is also two on the back of the laptop.


May 20, 2008
Judging from all the problems you had with this laptop right from the start, I would either send it back for a refund or get a replacement.
If it's only 1-2 months old, it is still under warranty.
Sounds like a lemon to me.
Whatever you do , don't wait for it to "solve itself" or "self destruct". You will ultimately be the loser.
88 C is still OK for a GPU but deadly for a CPU.


Jan 2, 2017

My dad told me it has a 1 year warranty, so i'll see how things work out. He wants to send it back to be the last solution.
i'll see how things goes when we've bought that cooler tomorrow, if it doesnt work out, im sending this back for a new one.
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