Solved! Panasonic TV [TH-42AS670D] restarts every 15 seconds, no buttons on TV,Remote and android-app work, except POWER!

May 28, 2020
My Panasonic Viera tv was not used for 2 months (Model number: TH-42AS670D, 2014 model). I face the following issues:

  1. When I power on the TV it goes to home screen (default).
  2. If i click any icons on home screen, be it Media player or YouTube, it just freezes. Then screen blanks out after few seconds, and navigates back to the home screen. This happens even if I power ON the TV and do nothing.
  3. None of the REMOTE buttons work except the power (ON/OFF) button (same happens when i use the android tv app). Same issue with the TV UNIT buttons too..
  4. Most importantly, if i invoke Main menu on the tv or remote or android app, it doesn't show the menu at all!
  5. I tried a factory reset using tv volume- and remote Menu buttons, still above issues persists.
  6. The firmware update does not run from USB, since I already have the latest revision installed.
I have take apart the TV back panel, and haven't noticed any capacitor burns or loose cables. Is there a way we can do a forced firmware install, if that fixes the problem.. Would really appreciate your inputs!

Warm regards
You will need to try replacing the power or system board, but for a 6 yr old 42" TV it is better to just replace it. A used working set of that size would be in the $100 range. I bought a 49" TV for about that much recently.