Question Pc turns on for a few second and turns off

Sep 17, 2021
i have hp - notebook 15q dy0004au model laptop.
i bought it a month ago. no i have encounter a problems while i try to turn it on.

whenever I turn off my laptop and try to turn it on the next day it just doesnt turn on. It doesnt always happen. Some day turn on and someday doesnt. Works for 2-3 days all fine and then again the same problem.

while i press the power button , the power indicators led shines for just a 2-3 second and turn off. during the post process the lcd screen remain blank , the fan is not turning on and the hdd is also not spinning. further more there is no indication blink led or beep sound.

i try every possible troubleshoot i much i can for such kinds of problem. but i can not figure out what the problem is.

i just open the case cover of the pc all components are looks fine , the only thing i realised is the synaptic tuchpad IC is looks burn out. but i do not think this will prevent the pc form turn it on.

if you have any comment and suggestion let me hear it. thanks


Mar 10, 2016
If something burned out, then your laptop may have overheated at some point and affected the components. It might be a short. Check if it works with just the power adapter (Without the battery). If that doesn't work, I'd take it to a computer repair shop to check the components.

That laptop seems to be pretty new, so check if it is still in the warranty period on HP's website-
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