Performance suddenly very bad

Oct 5, 2018
Hey everyone I have this huge Problem with my Laptop.
It's a gaming laptop Lenovo Legion Y520 and these are the specs:
CPU: Intel Core i5-7300HQ 2.50 GHz (x4)
GPU: Integrated Intel HD Graphics 630
Standalone AMD Radeon RX 560
RAM: 8gb
Windows 10 64bit
Main Disk C: is a 120 GB SSD and there's another 1 TB disk on which i keep my games etc.

Now my problem is that almost everygame either starts up with low FPS or later ingame the FPS starts to decrease dramatically.
With those specs one may assume that it's a pretty good laptop. But it wont even run GTA San Andreas decently.

I believe this started before Summer where the Laptop would be generally slow even in chrome and file explorer and with the League of Legends client. Weirdly though only the client because as soon as I went ingame it ran smooth.
Now last week I ran GTA SA pretty well and now it's back to how it was.

I remember doing a full disk clean as in debugging (i think thats what it was. it took like a whole night) and generally cleaning junk etc.
C: Disk space is 4 GB out of 117 idk if that has anything to do with it though.

I downloaded multiple anti viruses and also the ccleaner and used it. I believe there used to be some viruses but not anymore, since the malware programs took care of them.

I downloaded a program that monitors cpu and gpu temperatures and it was all well no overheating.
Ingame the CPU usage is at 35% and RAM at 55%

Shortly before summer i downloaded Assassin's Creed Unity and it was reaaally bad regarding the FPS. Had about 15 Fps or lower even with lowest settings. So i updated the amd drivers and i could run highest settings very smooth. Soon after it started happening again though.

Despite that I believe the amd gpu isn't even being used because I tried deactivating the integrated Intel gpu to force amd to work but no game would run but GTA San Andreas ran at about less than 5 fps. (All drivers are up to date)

I also don't think that Dust is the cause because this laptop has good airways and is fitted with a Lenovo Sense program that allows Extreme Cooling, in anycase I don't have to use it because there is no overheating anyway.

I am really desperate for help and I'm hoping for good answers and sorry to bother you :)


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