News Pixel 5a, Pixel Buds A were no-shows at Google I/O — so when will they launch?


Jan 29, 2014
Hi... Was wondering what they exactly meant by the Google Pixel 5a being released only in US & Japan.

I live in Kenya, Africa and waiting for the 5a to be released so as I can buy, export and use it in my native country, Kenya.


  1. Can someone buy the phone like from the US that it will be released to and use it in another Country?
  2. If they do release it in the two countries, will they offer an Unlocked version?
  3. Say it's possible to use an unlocked Pixel 5a in another Country it was not released to, will that phone get Android Security & Software Updates normally?
  4. What else important do we need to know about Phones that are released in select regions only?