Please help Freezing and audio sound please help


Feb 25, 2016
Please help me i have been reading and trying stuff left and right it seem to be random Freeze with buzzing like an audio loop i cant do anything and i am forced to restart my computer manually i seem to have all drivers updated and windows is up to date my computer is new to me about a year old but i have only been on it for about 4 month then i had to move and it ended up sitting for about 8 month after turning it on and updating i play a game and i have no i idea when it will freeze and buzz no blue screen i have 16g ram amd radeon r290 video card and asrock x99 extreme6 mobo intel i7 5820k im lost on what to do i have some errors in the Event Viewer i will post she runs fine other wise please help she is my baby
A few days later ive had only 2 blue screens please help me

The freezing issue can either be related to hardware (HDD) or software issue (Operating System). Here are some troubleshooting steps that may help in identifying the issue.
- Start by observing your PC in Safe Mode and see if it will freeze or not.
- If it will not freeze do a complete virus/malware clean up. Please use the link below for the complete guide and tools.
- Once done, test your PC again in normal mode and observe if it will still freeze or not.
- If your PC will still freeze in Safe Mode your next step would be to reinstall Windows.
- After reinstalling Windows do observe it again and see if it will still freeze or not because if it does you have a bad HDD.