"Plugged in, not charging".


Oct 16, 2016
Hello Sir..
My PC is facing a problem i.e "Plugged in, not charging". PC shutdown automatically after getting charged less than 30%. Then it charge only upto 70% . It charge only in shutdown mode. when I start PC then a message on battery icon "Plugged in, not charging".
I have tried to troubleshoot my PC.
PC : HP 15 Notebook r0006tx
OS : Windows 8.1
Experiment 1:
At first I updated all driver of PC from official website of HP. Issue couldn't be resolve.
Experiment 2:
I thought there is OS corruption issue. I have formatted but issue couldn't be resolve.
Experiment 3:
There might be battery issue I have removed battery and used PC directly on Main line. I am able to use system perfectly without any inconvenience .This shows that there is no problem in mother board .
Then I have change the battery. but Same Issue occur "Plugged in, not charging". I have also check charging with another charger. But issue couldn't be resolve.
Experiment 4:
Then i guessed there may be a virus attacking issue. Then I have deleted all partition of hard disk and reinstalled windows_8.1 . But issue couldn't be resolve.
Now You suggest me what should I do to troubleshoot this issue according to your experiences without visiting Services Center.
I will very thankful to get your suggestion. Help me out , Please..!
This is not a virus, re-installing Windows will do nothing.

Either the battery you bought is a cheap copy and is bad or your motherboard is bad, or the connections to the battery are bad. Try cleaning them with a toothbrush.