Question Power button on laptop not working

May 18, 2019
Hello. :)

So since 1-2 weeks or so my laptop started doing some random shutdowns. I googled this stuff a little bit, it was just so frustrating as it always happened at random intervals and never had a clue about it. First I thought it was overheating, the laptop is kind of a "gaming"-ish laptop, it was made in such way that you have easy access to the motherboard and all the components, RAM, HDD, CPU, the heatsink and fan. So I cleaned it, got rid of all the dust, put everything back on and after 30-45 minutes it still shutted down.

It would do this thing of shutting down, starting up again and before anything would show on the screen shut down again and be stuck in some kind of a loop like this. I would just shut it down manually wait for a couple of minutes, start it again and it would work properly until the next unexpected shutdown.

Today someone suggested to do a hard reset, take out battery, charger and hold the power button and after that to take the RAM out and put it back in as maybe might be because of those.

Well - surprise - after the hard reset, I took out the RAM, put them back in and my laptop no longer starts.

I press the power on button and the little light near the charging light is turning on, but there is no sign of starting. Weird part is that if I connect any pheripherals to the laptop, they get power, my mouse rgb lights are going crazy and my cooler works just fine, so the power is running through the motherboard to the end. What can be the issue here?

I don't know what else to do.

UPDATE: Today I tried starting it again, for a brief moment I could hear the fan turning but after 5 seconds in shutted down instantly. To mentiom that yesterday night I took from an old laptop the RAM and put it in this one. The processor is working fine with either 1333mHZ and also 1600mHZ as far as I read, might be wrong. The ones before were 1600mHZ and now the one I got from the older one are 1333mHZ.
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