Question Power On - 60 Seconds Later Loud Beeping, Followed Buy Power Off

Feb 4, 2020
Hi All.
New to this forum, any help would be appreciated.
I have a custom built laptop (please ask when info you need as I am not too sure what would be useful or not), it is approx. 2 years old. It has been working perfectly since I have had it, however over the two weeks I have been having this issue.
I power the laptop up, after around 60 seconds of the laptop just sitting on the desktop, this very loud beeping (approx. one a second) occurs followed by a complete shutdown. The laptop doesn’t go through its shutdown procedure it just powers off, as if I have held the power button.
I feel it could be a problem with the battery, so as it came with two when I purchased it. I swapped them over. Everything worked perfectly with the second battery, however the problem has since arisen again.
Like I said any help would be appreciated.
Try testing the charger first. See if the battery is actually charging while the laptop is turned on or not. If it doesn't charge while one, try charging it while it is off. Should it charge fine when off, then the charger is probably going bad and needs replacing.

If you got that second battery 2 years ago, it likely isn't going to work correctly either.

Now should it not effect it charging no matter if the laptop is off or on, then the next thing to check is the battery. To find out for sure if it is the battery you are going to need a brand new one to try. If it works fine with that change, then you are good.

Should none of that work, then I would be looking at a motherboard issue.
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