Problem with my PC's audio

Luke Allen 91

Aug 3, 2013
I'm new to the forum, I know a bit about computers so I'll try contribute what I can but at the moment I'm having some issues with my soundcard (Or the speakers!)

My problem is for example, if I was to turn my PC on and open Spotify and listen to music, and then open Youtube, the audio wouldn't work on youtube, only on spotify. Same issue for instance if I was to open youtube first, the audio would work but then opening a game on top of it, the games audio wouldn't. Also, when the sound does work for that particular application the full 5.1 isn't happening, the bass has to be on full (used to be on half on my old machine) and it sounds quite reverby (I know that isn't a word!)

I've found that if I say, pause Spotify then play a game the audio will work on the game, and then press play on Spotify it will work (But not out of all of the speakers)

All cables are in correctly, i've set my sound card to 5.1 and speaker fill (I've played with the settings for hours!)

I have Windows 7 64bit
Logitech 540 Speaker System (
An Alienware x51 R2 i5 desktop

I really don't think this is a problem with the speakers, more the software. But can't seem to figure it out. I've tried something similar to this but for my speakers

Any help would be grand.


youtube, music, windows sounds and in general anything except games with surround sound, movies with surround sound and specially recorded surround sound music everything else will be in stereo. this means that 2.1 sound is normal for everything but the exceptions i listed above.

reverb almost sounds like you have either a microphone plugged in and you're getting reverb or in your soundcard settings you turned something on to cause it. try uninstalling your sound card and reinstalling with the newest drivers.

having the subwoofer bass knob on full only controls the subwoofer firing based on the hz frequency. it should have nothing to do with the speakers themselves. or did you mean the volume knob in which case perhaps you have your windows sounds turned down low, your sound card volume settings down low or your application volume down low. pc speakers are powered meaning they do not need your pc to have an amp to power them so there shouldnt be any real difference (besides your software settings) between your new pc and the old one.

the speaker fill setting you spoke of sounds like front surround focus on a receiver (all it does is copy the sound to the back speakers... its not true 5.1).