PS5 and 3D audio: Everything you need to know


Dec 15, 2016
The series x has the same "3d" audio from headphones but let's be real here... If you're really chasing 3d audio, or just good audio then it's time to start building up a surround sound system.

I started like 20 years ago...began cheap because I didn't have a ton of money. Started upgrading from there, first I ditched the small satellites for towers, then the receiver, added speakers etc etc. Now I can't imagine not having Atmos available to me or 7.1 in games. Only downside is sometimes you have to upgrade before you want, like I need to upgrade a 3 year old receiver because it doesn't support hdmi 2.1 which is important because that's the spec for 4k120 with VRR.
Nov 2, 2020
This is a terrible concept. The majority of people who would want to utilize their surround systems that costs thousands are being told the only way to experience the best quality is via an additional set of costly bulky headphones. Who would want to wear headphones like that where any sudden movement might result in them falling off your head. Perhaps you have to then share those sweaty phones between members of the household. Meanwhile your multi player companion or the spectators are left in silence. Surround system hardware supports Dolby atoms, it will not bit stream this propitiatory format. This means PS5 will have to output PCM and undertake decoding locally before it is sent to your expensive amplifier. So you might lose many of the processing capabilities of your amp which are normally calibrated to your room acoustics. Just like Sony's support of BLM and other insanity, this smacks of extremist marketing nutjobs who are unconcerned with reality an live in a dream world. Sony used to be a good platform, but this is just another nail in their coffin.