News PS5 won't beat Xbox Series X on power, says Epic


Nov 13, 2015
"easier to tap into the console’s power"

Don't like these phrases or any use of "power" as if it's something special that can't be explained/measured. Point being, the Xbox Series X has more computing performance than the PS5 based off the specs alone. That's just the facts. SSD alone isn't going to raise the frames on the PS5, let's stop the damage control.

The fact that the Xbox Series X is running at a locked speed is great news because it should be able to handle the temps without downclocking if cooling is an issue.

Unlike the PS5 with it's variable clocks isn't good news, along with the SSD speed could still vary. Also without the actual PS5 console hardware still unreleased nearly 6 months after Xbox revealed their hardware, and the fact that this PS5 is to be released in about 5 months (holiday season) is troublesome.

The PS5 may have had some cooling issues or they're revising the case in time for launch. With SONY limiting production could point to a limited amount of units to control the amount of possibly overheating units early on. Why else give up the fight for the initial lead in sales? Costs for the price of the console can be made through more units sold over time as the high amount of early sales could spread the marketshare. More profits in service/software can help dampen the initial costs of the 1st 10 million units.