pulsating blue light and black screen on my galaxy s6 active

Sep 19, 2018
i saw this was already answered, but i was wondering if there was anyway i could possibly go to an at&t store to backup the pictures and videos from my phone?I have never broken or cracked the screen, and my phone has never gave me any problems whatsoever, and i have had it for three years. I have over 1k pictures and videos i would really love to get back of my son. Also when i turned my phone on 4 hours ago, the blue light came on and the ringtone played but the screen was black and a white bar flashed on the left side of the screen, and it has been playing the ringtone every ten seconds and has flashed the white bar as well, every ten seconds, for 4 hours and still nothing on the screen. I just would like the pictures and videos to be saved