Discussion Quality One Wireless (http://q1w.net) sells Tracfones to PagePlusWireless customers locked x1yr. to Tracfone: Fraud IMHO

Jun 16, 2019
Buyers Beware! I contacted Samsung about my new Galaxy J7crown that PagePlusCellular says is 'certified' for Verizon activation via their service; but, Samsung said to call Tracfone because it isn't activated after two days? Tracfone says it's locked for 1-yr. of their services. (Multiple online 'unlockers' say they don't have an unlock code for it.) Pagepluscellular won't return my customer service emails. (Verizon won't help because I didn't purchase it from them.) This all started because PagePlusCellular stated they wouldn't activate my old Galaxy 3 due to 'system upgrades' with Verizon. PPC's website disclaims any liability for the services of 'pageplusphonestore.com' (ie. q1w.net) yet their website refers customers strictly to q1w for new phone purchases to use with PPC's service plans!