Raster to Vector Conversion


Jun 27, 2001
Ya, how about ArcToolbox? Part of the ESRI ArcGis software, costs about $4000 to license though! Or just go to a campus that does GIS stuff. I'm not sure of other programs that do it, but i'm sure they exist. Might find some useful information below, but who knows...


Converting rasters and TINs to vector data

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Raster and TIN surfaces may contain information that you would like to use in conventional, vector-based, geographic information systems (GIS) operations. Two such vector-based operations are overlay and selection by location.

Converting rasters to features
The general steps to convert rasters to features for analysis are as follows:

Convert the raster surface data to categorical data (elevation, slope, or aspect categories).
Convert the categories to polygons.
Use the polygons with other vector data and select the areas that meet some criteria.
For example, suppose you have a raster elevation model and a polygon feature class of vegetation. The example below shows a raster elevation model (left) and a vector vegetation feature class (right).

You might want to select parts of a study area that are below 1,000 meters in elevation and have a particular vegetation type. In order to do the vector overlay and selection with the elevation data, you need to convert the raster to polygons.

The following pictures show a raster elevation model with continuous values (left) and a raster converted to categorical values (right).

This picture shows a polygon feature class created from the raster categories.

These pictures show a polygon feature class of vegetation types and selected vegetation that falls within a selected elevation class.

You can also convert rasters to features to extract linear features from rasters. For example, you could extract stream courses or roads from land cover rasters or remotely sensed images.

Converting TINs to features
Converting TINs to features involves fewer steps. You can extract slope and aspect polygons directly from TIN surfaces, or you can extract the elevation values of nodes in the TIN as a point feature class. You can use the slope and polygon features extracted from a TIN just as you would use such features extracted from a raster."

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Apr 24, 2009
I would recommend using a company called www.copyartwork.com They are a USA based company that hand draws your images and creates them in perfect vector files. I have used them for a number of different projects and they are great. All you have to do is creat an account on their website and you upload your images through there. They redraw them and have them back to you in your e-mail the following morning. They are located in the US so you will always be talking to an English speaking American.


Jun 15, 2009
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