Question Recommend me a smartphone and questions

Feb 7, 2019
Whats a good smart phone (budget under $250 USD) that can do multi tasking (run youtube music videos in the background) and is just a all around good smart phone in general?
I'm thinking I'm going to go with a Samsung galaxy or a Moto phone, not sure which one though.

Does the galaxy S5 meet the criteria? I heard these were really good phones because of the ability to remove the battery.

I really like the galaxy s6 edge because of the way that it feels, looking to go the manufactured unlocked route so I can throw a SIM chip in from an "Obama phone"

Which phones are capable of multitasking?

lastly, any input on the galaxy note phones?


I wouldn't bump, likely to get post deleted that way.

Not 100% sure you can run YouTube in background unless you have a YouTube premium account. It should work otherwise as I can find videos showing how to do it

I have an S5 (though I am currently using an S7 edge), they are good phones. It is my backup phone.
Feb 7, 2019
thinking I'll go with the moto g5 plus/ moto g5s plus

was wanting a galaxy s6 edge

saw good things about the Samsung s5

I know the moto g5 can run stuff in the background, I'm not sure about the other phones... If anyone can sway me towards getting the S6 Edge, or the Samsung Galaxy S5, I'd like to hear the reasoning (particularly if it can multi task I.e. run stuff in the background)

I really like the way the Galaxy S6 edge feels

Lastly, I'm having troubles selecting a phone on eBay. Take the Moto G5 Plus, for example, it has a range of prices anywhere from under $100 USD- to around $170 USD. I'm certainly not wanting to throw money away, but I also don't want to get a broken phone. I'm not sure what to get, as some of the phones are manufacture refurbished, or seller refurbished, for the difference of round $20 USD.

I think I'll get this one:

Feb 7, 2019
I have been a Moto fan for a good 3-4 years now. Have had nearly all of the G family and cannot recommend them more, especially for the price.

I would stay away from a brand new Samsung but if you're dead set on Samsung I would buy a second hand and root it with cyanogen mod or such (bear in mind, you may lose some functionality but it will be super fast).

One of my close friends has recently picked up a Xiaomi and for the price it has crazy specs. Definitely worth a look at aswell.
Feb 7, 2019
I was really hoping for more feed back.

Again, my choices are --

Moto G5s Plus
Moto G6 (play?)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S5
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