Recommendation for graphics card for Dell U2715H 2560x1440@60Hz

Mar 10, 2019
My Linux computer is an aging ASUS P5K with 8GB and a Q9400 quadcore processor (old but still has legs). The current graphics card (a Radeon HD 4350/4550) looks like it's about to give up - increasingly frequent lock-ups seem to point to it being the cause. If I'm going to replace the card then I'll take the opportunity to upgrade my monitor to one I've fancied for some time, a Dell U2715H, so I need a suitable graphics card that supports 2560x1440@60Hz, has a display port connection, and passive cooling if possible as I like a quiet life. I want this monitor for photo-editing, I'm not a gamer.

Can anyone recommend a suitable card?


I don't like fully passive cooling since video cards really don't like heat and it is likely to lower life of the card.

Since you have an older setup, something like a Radeon 7750 should be good but you would need to find the older cards on craigslist or ebay since new they are over-priced.

New cards are not likely to work with your older motherboard and really not needed since a $30 used card will be fine for you.