Red green copper and blue and I want attached to red copper blue

Aug 17, 2018
My laptop head. Phone jack damage so I want to replace with my mobile earphone jack with wire but the problem is earphone has 4 wire and headphone has 3 wire so how to attach I don't no


Question from bhagnurekn : "Not working red to red"

You must provide much more detail:

What two things/devices/??? are your trying to connect? What exactly is not working?

Suggest that you stop trying random connections - otherwise you may damage something or get yourself or someone hurt.
Jan 21, 2019
So on the head phones, the wire comes down to a small circuit board in the middle of the wiring. It has an on off switch, and a volume control. The wires that come off the other end to the jack part broke off. Where do I reattach them? It has a red, a green, a blue, and a copper wire.
The wiring for the mobile jack will vary depending on whether it was from an iPhone or other phone.
To find out if it can work insert a three conductor headphone plug into the jack. If the jack connects to all three conductors on the plug then you can use it. The tip is usually right plus (maybe the red wire on the PC), the middle ring is left plus (maybe the blue wire on the PC), and the other ring is the ground (maybe the copper shield).
If it doesn't work just buy the correct three conductor jack.
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