Reformatted laptop won’t show display after installinh windows 10

Nov 6, 2018
Hi, everyone. Here’s the story. My laptop has a broken screen so I use an external display. After many years of usage, my laptop was full of clutter and beginning to slow down. So I decided to reformat it and install a new OS. But I don’t know how to install a new OS with the screen broken cause I can’t access the BIOS in the external screen. So then, I removed my hardrive from the laptop then inserted it in my other laptop then proceeded with the reformat and installation. (I hibernated the laptop first as to save the work I was doing there). Then proceeded to the installation of the hardrive to the other laptop. The hardrive was reformatted then the os was installed and then booted to the desktop. But then when I inserted it back to my laptop it was not displaying on the external monitor. I tried pressing buttons fn+f4 still no display. But when you press the shift five times for the sticky keys it was gibing the sound when you press the shift five times. When you plug in a usb. It sounds the notification. It was displaying normally before the reformat and installation happened. Now i dont know what to do.

Ps. I tried removing the lcd as some say in other threads so that the display will automatically display in the external screen. Also tried the turn power button then close the lid of the laptop. To no avail. None was working.


I accidentally pressed the narrator button, and it was narrating the keys i was pressing. It ws narrating wrong when i press the keyboard. Ex. I’m pressing f1 and it says w. I press enter it says unknown command. I press fn nothing narrates.

This has been bugging me for 4 days already. Please help.


In order to get the external display on, almost all laptops need to have the video drivers installed for the video card. Since you have no screen to see anything to install those drivers, you are a bit out of luck. You can try to turn on the system then quickly close the lid to see if it will run the external as the only monitor. Another thing some people said works is disconnecting the monitor from the motherboard. If you have several video out posts, try all of them.
Nov 6, 2018
Hi! I already disconnected the monitor of the laptop from the board and still no use. I even did the trick of turning on the system then instantly close the lid. Still, nothing has happened.
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