Refurbished / Used Apple Laptop Help & Advice


Oct 6, 2011
Hi I need to buy a budget laptop / netbook and really want an Apple (I think they are great and im very familiar with them) with a budget of £350 as thats all I can afford at the moment and I need to get one pretty fast that is capable of performing these tasks:

Downloading music & movies
Streaming movies to TV (via any connection) You can various leads to do this in various forms of connection on net
Web browsing - Wireless
Light Microsoft Office 2010 use
Social Networks

Obviously I cannot afford to buy a new one with this budget!! So im after a second hand / refurbished one.

please could anyone help me with suggestions of second hand models of Apple laptops that would be a good option for me to try to source for this budget (im thinking ebay / gumtree) any suggestions of where to buy one would also be very much welcomed


Buy a laptop from other company. You have much more option on your price range.

Laptop from other company are just as capable and of the same or even higher quality and performance.

If you really don't like MS Window, you can always install Linux on it.

Better get new laptop with warranty because unlike desktop, if they break, there is often very little you can do to fix it. If you want to fix it, you will be doing component hunting and put in moderate to great amount of effort to replace components inside. The effort put in to fix a 2nd hand laptop is not worth it.

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