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Question Reliable, fast and chip smartphone

Apr 27, 2020
Hello community.

I'm having old Samsung S4 smartphone and it's been such a crap, it's time to change it. The battery work few hours and, it turns off whenever it wants, it is laggy and there are also some bugs in OS (Android).

I want new (I mean a used one!) smartphone with Android that would have some feature, I will list the from the most important to the least important:
  • reliable hardware and software - I want to it be reliable that will live years
  • battery should live from fully charged to zero at least somewhere between 24 and 48 hours if I use it a lot
  • fast - it must be responsive, when I click something it responds NOW !!
  • solid - when I drop, it will survive
I want a used one, not new one, so some older model is fine for me.

I live in Poland, so prices may be different than in your country... I'm not sure about price range, maybe advise something from between 100$ and 300$ and I will have a look at that.... thank you :)


For drop protection, use a case. Otherwise you need to buy a rugged phone and there are not that many out there. Maybe the Samsung Active models would be OK https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_s8_active-8676.php S8 Active used should be in your price range.

No smartphone with use will last 24 hours (meaning 24 full hours not a "day"). Most are good for a full day of average use meaning you use it for a day, next day you charge it, not running for 24 hours of use.
Apr 27, 2020
I checked prices, its 2-3 times too expensive... I want something cheaper. Any proposals, please?
But I like its features - the case, waterproofness and battery.
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