Removing Win8 from a new laptop?


May 4, 2012
Hi. I just ordered Acer Aspire V5-552G-X852 that comes with Windows 8. I've never tried them, so of course I'll give it a shot, but based on what I've read about the OS, and knowing myself, I would most likely want to get rid of it - I hate the modern "app-focused" and Apple inspired designs on everything.

Is this a smart move, or should I leave Win8 on this particular laptop? I bought it mainly to browse internet very often, do my work on it, and then occasionally play a game here and there. I love Win7 - best Windows ever.

My guess is once I receive it, I'll want to remove Win8 as soon as I try it, so should I do it? This won't screw up anything, and the games should all also play on Win7, right?



If you buy a copy of Windows 7, can install that, replacing Windows 8.
But verify you can get all the needed drivers first.

But do give Win 8 a try. Update to 8.1, and then the 8.1 Update 1. You can make it look and act very much like Windows 7.
Boot directly to the desktop, have your most used applications pinned to the taskbar....I rarely have to see or use the Metro interface.
Runs just like 7, if not better.


Sep 16, 2010
yes you should be able to downgrade to windows 7 just fine, but if you are booting from a disc you will have to go into the uefi bios and enable legacy support and change the boot order to see the dvd rom first in the boot config or else as soon as you put in the cd on boot it will just skip over it and go right to the windows 8 load screen. but before you do all that download all the windows 7 hardware drivers and save them first, that way when you install windows you can install all the hardware drivers, without worrying about something not installing incase your hardware is too new for windows native drivers to support off the disc, which will prob be the case.
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