Question Replaced laptop fan rejects to spin

Mar 7, 2020
My 6-year-old laptop's fan started to make weird, loud noises, so I decided to replace it.

Original fan that came with Laptop : SUNON MagLev, DC5V == 2.00W.

Tried two new fans. Their labels say:
  • SUNON MagLev, DC5V == 0.4A
  • KFTYR, DC5V == 0.28A-0.50A
Both 3 pin with red - yellow - black cables (same as the original fan).

Both fans behave exactly the same :

  • When I press the power button and boot up the laptop, the fan wants to start working but stops before finishing one whole spin. It shakes back and forth a few times and stops.
  • When I work on the laptop and the heat display gets over 80 degrees Celcius, sometimes the fan starts spinning for 3-4 seconds at lower speed and then stops.
Are both newly bought fans flawed or incompatible? Or might there be another problem?
Sounds like they are not compatible to me. I would suggest you get the exact fan if possible. Try looking for it not using the info you included only, but it should also have a part number on it. That would make the search easier.

Yes I know, older parts seem to be harder and harder to find. If you can't find it on your own, you might try a local tech. Not to do the work, but just for help finding the part.

I found this one, if it is the right part or not, can't say without knowing the full number, but it is a place to start.
Mar 7, 2020
Later today I found the exact model (offered by a different vendor) and already ordered it.
Will update this thread next week.

(Btw the two fans were supposedly compatible with my Samsung laptop according to their listings on Ebay).

Seems like fans may still be incompatible despite having the same shape, socket, number of pins and cable colors.

Thanks a lot for taking the time!
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