Solved! Replaced screen, why is original home button not working

May 22, 2020
I bought an iPhone 8 Plus to fix that had a cracked screen which wasn’t even showing anything on the screen, not even at start up.

I replaced the screen and transferred the home button from the original iPhone 8 Plus that I bought.

started up beautifully and all functions seem to be working like new...except the home button! I tried positioning and repositioning the Home button for two hours, and varying how tight I tightened the screws in it’s corresponding cover/bracket

Please help. I’m Wondering if maybe the serial number/compatibility with the new screen is the problem, but the internet doesn’t really give a clear answer.

if you can help i would be very grateful. :)
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No way to know, the button could be bad, the connection to the system board could be bad. I don't think even Apple blocks home button connection based on serial number.
Jun 30, 2020
Many replacement screens have a defective home button interconnect cable. When the home button works with the original screen but not the replacement screen, it is a bad screen and you need to warranty it or replace it. And yes a whole batch can be defective.

However, sometimes while disassembling the iPhone, you damage the home button extension cable on the broken screen, then you try to fit a bad replacement part. Now home button doesn't work on neither the old nor the new screen, and you assume the home button itself has failed. Well no, sometimes it hasn't.