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Apr 1, 2019
Hey folks!

Our websites, like many, sell what are known as Programmatic Ads to sponsors. These ads are handled completely separate from the Editorial teams, which allows them to focus on writing the best possible content without focusing on external factors.

When you see any problematic ads, we'd really appreciate it if you could report those to us directly and we'll send them to the team that can fix or remove them.

What types of ads are problematic?
  • Any ad that blocks readers from seeing article text
  • Ads that include offensive images or link to offensive content
  • Content links to malware or spawns pop-up spam
To help us get malicious ads removed, please email us a bit of info when you see them:
  1. What's the name of the specific site involved? When sending in an email we won't know which site has the issue unless you call that out.
  2. Is the issue with one specific article, or is the ad on multiple pages?
  3. What's this an ad for? The more details you provide, the more quickly we can resolve these problems.
  4. Where are you located in the world? Ads are purchased in blocks for different regions, so knowing what country you're in will help us pinpoint bad ads more quickly.
  5. Was this on a mobile device or your desktop?
  6. What browser version are you using?
  7. A screenshot of the actual issue is incredibly helpful as well.
With your help we can make good progress on weeding out problematic ads, which will improve the experience for everyone.
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