Question RF receivers

Feb 9, 2019
I overheard part of a conversation about attaching an RF receiver to the back of several TVs. Would that be to replace set-top boxes and/or receive wireless signals from a computer for streaming? Could an antenna somehow be connected to one TV and communicate wirelessly to the other TVs? Forgive me if I am asking a stupid question, but not asking will keep me stupid. :)
Hard to say since you didn't catch the entire conversation.
Some cable and satellite providers use a central multi-tuner box that can transmit to boxes connected to each TV.
Amazon Fire Recast uses a central over the air multi-tuner that can send to TVs over Wifi but I don't think you need a separate box at each TV if they are smart.
An RF receiver could be an external over the air TV tuner.
TVs don't have video outputs so you can't send picture and sound from one TV to another. You could connect a transmitter of a source and send it to more than one TV. That could be a wireless HDMI solution over RF or IP.