Routines (Google Assistant) for the Lenovo Smart Display

Aug 24, 2018
I've been using the Good Morning routine daily - definitely a favorite especially when there's a busy day ahead. It's fantastic how it adjusts my lights accordingly and then automatically displays the weather and news updates on the screen.

But I'm currently thinking of customizing new routines for when I bake/cook. Anyone knows if there's a limit to the number of actions I can add to each routine? I'm thinking of customizing one that will allow me to queue up recipe/videos* in a row (three recipes for a 3-course Thai dinner for example). Is this possible?

(*I'm using a Lenovo Smart Display right now so I would want to automatically play and queue videos in my routines)
In my world, the less I want Google to know about me but if you want to give them your entire life, good luck to you.

If you have an Android phone and you search for an item on your Google PC or the phone, weeks later when you're walking along a street, your phone will tell you there's a shop along the road that will sell you the ????? searched for.

That's scary enough for most of us.