News Samsung’s next new wearable could be a Galaxy Ring

Oct 26, 2022
Thank you for bringing this into perspective by providing, once again, an Apple reference. I had expected an article that would have suggested that it would only be natural that Samsung would leverage the ECG, Blood Pressure, heartrate, body composition, and other sensors in it's smart watch (5th Generation) and bring them to a ring. What Apple or an Apple smart watch would play in that decision by Samsung is unclear. But I don't this article even referenced or suggested such a thought. Instead, Apple has a smart watch blah blah blah, and google does now, blah blah blah, it could have an ECG monitor like the Apple Smart watch and Pixel watch, blah blah blah. Samsung already has these features??? Why would an Apple watch or Pixel have anything to do with Samsung's decision to sell a ring?