Samsung 65" 4K Streaming TV - Model UN65KU7500FXZASKU


Feb 13, 2016
Have had my Samsung 65" Curved 4K TV (Model UN65KU7500FXZASKU) fpr abpit 3 months now, picture is perfect, works perfect, or should i say "worked perfect"... Just last night my son was watching a streaming video from Amazon and the screen just went black, if i hit the back button on remote it took me back to the Amazon main screen, so that told me the app was still working. I checked my network settings and all was fine within the TV and checked other devices in my house and no issues at all.
I got out of Amazon and tried Google Play TV Movies, and it showed me a list of all my movies, but when i tried to play it would just sit there and not do anything.
Then i tried HBO GO and the app would come up, i could select a movie, and it would just sit on a black screen. Watching regular TV works fine. My internet connection is not the issue, i have 500/200 (fiber optic).
Im a bit at a loss, since everything is integrated into the TV not sure what to do, i have turned off and on numerous times and same issues prevails.
Any ideas?