Samsung Galaxy Pro 12.2 Vs Apple iPad Air


I'm interested in upgrading my 2nd generation iPad to one of the following but am having a hard time deciding what to go with. I am leaning more toward the Samsung for a few reasons:

- Screen size
- Digitizer and stylus included
- Full office suite included
- Full size keyboard available as an add on

I'm currently not interested in a Microsoft Surface Pro / Pro 2 because of the ridiculously high price tag and I already have a full featured Windows 8 laptop and Dell Venue 8 Pro that handles these functions already.

1. Is This Your First Time Buying A Tablet? No.

2. Do you already have an operating system in mind? iOS or Android 4.4

3. What screen size do you have in mind? And your preferred resolution (not required but helps)? Over 10", would like to be laptop replacement for travel / school use

4. Preferred Brand(s) - Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, open to suggestions

5. Brands Not Preferred - No cheap knockoff junk

6. How much do you want to spend on your tablet? Prefer around the $500 mark

7. Do you have cellular service? Or do you want the tablet to be WiFi only? Do not want to add an additional tablet plan to my cellular service at this time

8. If you do have cellular service, who is your provider and how much data are you allowed per month? See answer to question 7

9. Do you want the tablet to be a full laptop replacement? Yes

10. What existing apps do you use? What do you intend to do with this tablet? I use a variety of Android and iOS applications on my iPad 2 and HTC One already



Ouch. How do the Galaxy Pro 2014 edition prices compare?


Dec 21, 2015
First off I would pick a brand such as Apple, Samsung, or Microsoft as main examples.
This keys you into what kind of operating system platform, support and access to certain apps.

This is how I would break down what brand to pick from for what reasons this is all thru personal choices.

Microsoft - Large business platform mainly to replace the office laptop.
I would use this in an office with a dock and a hard-line to a monitor with a mouse and keyboard that is wired thru the monitor. This allows for 2 wire connection for a clean and easy workspace. A few reasons why not windows 10 is for tablets but it feels like OS with ads and I am not a fan of certain Microsoft programs like Outlook. The software choices can be ridged and frustrating good for business bad for personal use. Also if you travel away from wifi spots I would advise getting the LTE version especially if your company is willing to pick up the bill.

Apple - Focused on graphics and videos.
Good for the type of person that has little to no computer knowledge. I do not like set memory or lack of expansion slots or changeable parts such as batteries which have a very limited life time compared to what the device is intended to operate. Loaded out with hidden fees on a "closed" platform which you’re paying for what is free for others on different platforms. About 2 years ago icloud had an update which went thru all your music files and deleted any that was not iTunes based. If you a program and it's not compatible with iTunes you might or might not be able to buy a patch to allow it to work thus more costs or the inability to operate a program at all and even some cases video clips.

Samsung - Personal laptop that is not overly specialized but versatile.
Personally if I wanted a tablet for personal PC and it is a good pick for those that have some computer savy-ness. The layout is based off of smart phones but the note pro your able to remote access your computer and make use of that as well as if you have other Samsung devices such as your TV. Now with a larger and more open app and computer interaction viruses are possible so this is where the savy-ness comes into play also lollipop security of the tablets has rendered some accessories useless so something to look for when getting items such as a keyboard case combo. Another fault is a factory reset will make all previous data unrecoverable so it would be ideal to save contacts and files to the micro SD memory stick.

Once you decide what brand then I would focus on size and a few custom traits like the Galaxy Note pro has the ability to remote access home computers apple included.

I as a personal choice have gone with the Samsung Galaxy note pro wifi based it offers a very flexible platform that I can see myself using this device 4 to 5 years from now. I would be able to use some programs from Microsoft and able to interact with apple products as well as the wide range of 3 to 4 year old to current Samsung technology based items. I really enjoy the no real hidden costs and there are free programs that will get the job done as well as the pay programs. It's also more open than iTunes is for digital movies and music but able to play ether file format of music types and your able to have Icloud installed thou I would not recommend letting apple decided what is worth having installed on my tablet. As for cost Samsung dose have flagship devices which do cost but you do need to consider the hardware involved. If you wait the prices will drop to a more comfortable price range and then there is often a sale of sorts on these items I just paid 649.99 Canadian which is 464.57 USD for a 32 GB 12.2 wifi LCD tablet on Dec 21, 2015, so the price range is very possible.
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