News Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: All the rumors so far

Apr 7, 2024
That's great news. I am a senior power user artist illustrator and I fell in love with the Z Flip 5 after 10 years of the Note being my laptop. I do not like the Z Flip because the "micro" form of the Z Flip is way more practical for me but it needs the aforementioned upgrades especially in the camera. As soon as I unpacked the Flip5 last year I knew the future and hoped Samsung would follow though making it the flagship level it deserves and not just a trendy toy. Go for it Samsung and I and the marketplace will follow.

PS. (to Samsung) ... Market the Z Flip more like a space age power device and the choice of astronauts and not so much as fashion statement and make the carriers can sell a black one (and add a pen and an SD card lol) But at least fix the current "toy" camera thanks!
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