Samsung May Release Monster Galaxy S10 With 12GB RAM, 1TB Storage, Near $2,000 Price Tag


Aug 1, 2017
Mr. Diaz,

In our business, fast processing is #1 priority. We aren't discussing games or Photoshop. We are discussing just sheer speed for whatever we use our phones for as tools for communication. For example:
1. WiFi hotspot - to power our business laptops while we might have several open tabs on our browser. If we run Office 365 while doing final edits on an impending PowerPoint with 30 slides, yeah - I'll need a lot of horsepower to complete those edits and fire it off to the attendees ahead of time.

2. Hotspot for Excel models using Office 365 on my laptop or the non-Office 365, full Excel version. Either way, firing that off to someone expecting our completed assignment to make an important decision is critical for some people's job security. Would they see a $2K cell phone as part of their job security tool kit? I think so.

3. Being fast is one thing, but if you can't connect to a network or cell towers are out of range or blocked by tall buildings, what then? My assumption here is that I'm paying for a "beast" that has top-line antenna and other related hardware to ensure my connection is as consistent as possible, even when other cell phones can't perform, my investment will stay connected longer than any other phone.

4. Driving - ever been held up while enroute as your phone is trying keep up with the already determined destination? If you drive in busy traffic with fast approaching turns, you can't afford missed turns if your phone alerts you too late to make that left or right turn safely - and then the collective errors make you late.

5. Say you're in an accident or you are witness to something like that. Activating the camera very quickly or near-real time is crucial to capturing the facts as they actually happened or enough facts are recorded to offer more insights into the material that was missed in the first seconds of getting the phone open and recording. Speed is everything.

These are just some of the examples where I can easily justify the expense, and nothing has anything to do with games or Photoshop.

Perhaps others have more imagination than I can right now, but I think it isn't rich idiots who would want this. Besides, according to the latest tax rules, I can write that expense off in the quarter I bought it in. That comes off my top line tax bill I would submit within several weeks or even up to the last day of that quarter I make that $2K purchase.

What am I waiting for?!
Aug 13, 2018
Mr Diaz
Do you call all rich people idiots or is it only some of the rich people that are idiots ???
I did not like that kind of words in an article.