Solved! Samsung notebook series 3

Feb 3, 2020
How much should I price my Samsung notebook series 3 for sale. NP305E5A-A08US. 15.6 led 4gb. Excellent condition. Moderate use. Have original box. Just one piece on left side only (that I saved) broke off from where the battery is held in. But battery stays in regardless. Saw one selling for$250. It's the silver one, sleek design and I like the individual raised keys. Feels good when typing.
Personally I would overwrite any data on the hard drive at least twice.
You can use a software like this:

Though I´m not sure if you can wipe your drive, where windows is installed on, with easeus.

You can use as well. Burn it to a DVD and boot from it

After that you will have to reinstall windows

A factory reset won´t be that safe and some data could be recovered by simple ways.