Solved! samsung plasma hdmi issue


Sep 20, 2017
i have samsung plasma 4900 series tv it was working fine all my other divices connnected but now my issue started when i coonect my ps3 ,home thearter or HD stb to it with hdmi to hdmi cable it shows no signal i thought its hdmi port issue so tried to connect my tablet pc using hdmi to mini hdmi it works on tv
tried reseting the tv ,STB home theater nothing works even dissconnted all devices from the tv and tried connect after reset still same issue
ISSUE : HDMI to HDMI not working on TV
MINI hdmi to HDMI working
It may sound simple, but always best to start at the bottom. Have you tried using another HDMI to HDMI cable? All cables have the possibility to break down, so i would try that first, also, if the TV has more than one HDMI port, have you tried the same test will them?
Let us know how you get on.
Hope this helps,