Solved! Samsung QN85A 65" TV settings questions

Nov 17, 2021
Hi all,

I just bought a new Samsung QN85A 65" tv. It's a beautiful set but I have a couple of questions about the onboard settings, and I can't find any info except the limited onboard settings.

First; Can I set the amount of time and a specific picture for the screensaver, or am I stuck with just turning on the screensaver option which states it will come on after 2 hours or more of sitting idle (no listing of pictures or whatever the screensaver may be)?

Second; Is there any way to delete a source or 2 (not apps - sources!) from the source list or will I have to do a full reset and install everything again?
(While setting up Bluetooth (I think), somehow some of my library files showed up as sources and they're empty so I want to remove them from the source list).