Sansui G-7500 and ELAC Debut F6.2 speakers - "caution: 8 ohm or higher" warning on receiver, ELAC's are gorgeous sounding, but

Feb 4, 2019
Hello! I am considering a pair of ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2 floor-standing speakers (they sound AMAZING!) but my Sansui G-7500 is labeled warning "8 ohm speakers or higher" - am I walking into a problem with the ELAC's, rated at 6ohms?
Simply, YES.

Even if u are able to get away with it, you seldom turn it up loud, so small risk that you will trip the amp's protection mechanism... STILL this will happen:

When you are driving something with not enough power, in this particular situation with not enough CURRENT (reach into your own knowledge base definition of voltage vs current vs impedance), an input square wave will become a triangle instead, that leading edge, instant slew rate they call it is what you sense as energy, that makes you go GASP! to something sounding LAZY and slow.

IMO, if you really want these ELAC, you should be willing to replace that Sansui with something else to get the most out of the ELAC.

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