Screen frequently turns black


Aug 11, 2016
So iv'e been having this problem for quite some time now, I have Asus n550jk - win 10, and for some reason my screen keeps turning black while the computer is still running, even the touch is working! Usually it happens when I move the laptop's lid (even the slightest touch), or when I enter chrome or start a video. The main problem is that once it happened it lasts for awhile, until I manage to get it right, then I fear of touching the screen so the problem won't come back... So how do I get it to work again? I need to close the lid and open for several time until it works, usually it doesn't, then I close the laptop completely and try the same thing (takes several attempts). The funny thing is that when I start my laptop and reach the login screen, it works just fine (usually), and after I enter the password and the windows comes up, the screen goes to black immediately.
I did connect my laptop to another screen to check, and he works just fine.
It is a really annoying problem, so I would really appreciate if someone will know a solution.