Screen goes completely dim.


Mar 10, 2010
Inspiron 6400/E1505

So this notebook is giving me hell. On boot up, it'll start fine, we get to Windows and the screen will go completely dark. You can shine a flashlight to it and you can still seen the screen. At first I thought it was within the Windows start up somewhere, but restarted, and it booted up fine, then went dark within the BIOS.

So it's beyond software. Purely hardware.

Now, if I move the lid about half way, it will turn, the screen will come back, and then flicker, then go dark again.

If the backlight were out, would it come back on again at the half way point? I didn't think so, but am not sure. Inverter maybe? Or possibly whatever controls the switch for the light.

So I'm wondering, is the backlight still an open possibility, if I can get it to flicker on? Anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks guys!


Mar 3, 2010
sound like inverter problem to me.. have you try replacing the inverter? have you try to test the display to external monitor?


Dec 8, 2009
I had a dell laptop doing the same thing. I gave it to a friend of mine because i was upgrading anyway. He took ten minutes to take it apart, find a loose wire, firmly re-attach it and "bam" working screen. Still pissed I gave it to him... lol
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