Security issue on WIFI devices

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Sep 26, 2010
Hello - Thank you for redirecting me if this is not the best forum to ask about devices on my wifi network and it's security.
I have ip addresses for the devices connected to my wifi. Found those through Trend House Call. What it doesn't show is what each device is (camera, tv, computer, phone etc.) and that is what I need to know. I have removed two unauthorized cameras form the house and suspect there may be another.
Also, is it possible that a camera can operate independent of the wifi?
I tried to log into my router with it's ip address but the sites all come up as "not secure" so - is there a secure site to check the router logs and see what the device is: ip address, log of internet log in/web sites visited and all other information pertinent to the security of my wifi network and eliminate all unwanted devices.
Thank you very much for your help.
Not open for further replies.