Seeking opinion...bare green newbie!


Jan 31, 2014

I'm a complete newbie trying to setup a HT/Gaming room. I would greatly appreciate your inputs on what I'm planning to do. Our audio background is very speakers! We are looking to make our first steps in the real audio world. We do not require anything to fancy or costly. But we do want to hear everything that should be heard.

What we have so far:
- The amplifier is a Pioneer VSX-830-K
- The screen will be 110 inches using a projector BenQ HT 2050 installed 14 feet from the screen
- The dimensions of the room are in average 24'7'' x 20'9'' x 8'. It's not a perfect rectangle. Approximately 4100 cubic feet.

- All wires already installed in wall/ceiling, so the 3 front must be on-wall speakers and the 2 rear must be in-ceiling (preferably) or on-ceiling with brackets.
- Budget is 1000-1500$CAN.

A retail store was trying to push on us a Bose Acoustimass 10 v5 @ 800$CAN. After reading several posts...we are going to choose something else.

Here's what I have in mind:
- LCR to be 3x Paradigm Cinema 200
- For the rear speakers, 2x Klipsh R-1650-C or Polk Audio RC80i or Paradigm PV-60R
- Sub to be Paradigm Cinema Sub

Few questions:
- Is it ok to get two different brands for front and rear speakers?
- Will my Pioneer amplifier do a decent job with these speakers? There's no way I'll be able to test the whole system before actually installing it at home. I've heard some amplifier brands do a better job with some specific speaker brands...don't know if it's true!?
- Is my room to big for this setup?
- Is it a viable setup?
- Is there any major concerns?

Any inputs or comments will be greatly appreciated!

It is possible to use different brands for front and surrounds. I don't think you would be gaining anything by not using the Paradigm PV-60R as rears. They will certainly be abetter match for the Cinema 200s in the front;
Overall I think you will be very happy with a full Paradigm speaker system. The Paradigms are not hard to drive so the Pioneer will work fine. Onkyp would be an alternate if you want a full feature receiver. A Marantz would sound better but not have the same features and maybe a touch less power.
If you can stretch to a better Paradigm sub do it. The room is big enough that it would work for you.
I think you will enjoy your home theater for quite some time. Once you are set up you will find it will get a lot of use.