Sennheiser HD518 or HD 451/461/471


Dec 21, 2013
How do the HD518's compare to the new HD 451, 461 and 471? Which one would be best out of those 4?



the hd5x8 series is open while the new hd4x1 series is closed.

i have not heard much on the new models but what i have is that for the price they actually sound pretty decent.

the hd5x8 series will have a bit more soundstaging and perhaps be a bit more neutral overall. the new hd4x1 series sounds like it has a a little less soundstaging (though still decent for closed cans) a bit of isolation from being closed (but not heavy isolation) and a little more mid bass/sub bass push without being heavy. build quality seems to be a bit more plasticy and cheap feeling but that is expected at $110 and below.

since i know more about it and soundstaging is generally important for most gamers i would say the hd558 (thats not a typo of the 518) would be the one to go for. it has the nicer pads (over the cheaper 518) and some better build quality with a similari sound (to 518 and 598).

if isolation is important to you (loud noises near you) then the new headphones might work for you as well but i cant say too much about them. they are too new so there is not much to be said about them yet.
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