Question Setting up Bluetooth Transmitter with Audio Receiver

Feb 22, 2019
I have a Pioneer AV Receiver I use with my TV, DVD player and streaming device. We also have Seinnheiser wireless headphones for my husband who has some hearing loss. Right now the headphones are connected by the RCA red and white cords via a splitter to each device (DirecTV, DVD player and Roku box).

Our Roku box stopped playing and when I purchased the Roku Ultra so I could direct wire to my router, there are no more RCA red and white connections for the headphones. The Roku remote comes with earphones, but if I want to watch something while he has the headphones connected, you have to put a strange code in the Roku remote all the time for there to be sound in the speakers also.

After some research, I am finding that using a Bluetooth audio transmitter may be the solution to getting sound from my AV receiver to the Seinnheiser headphones using an optical cord. There is an optical audio output on the AV receiver.

  1. Will this work?
  2. Suggestions for Bluetooth audio transmitter? (I was thinking about the Seinnheiser BT 100 audio transmitter since the headphones are of the same brand)
  3. When we change the channels on the AV Receiver to the different devices, will the sound come out for each device?
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Feb 22, 2019
Bluetooth transmitters usually require a PCM stereo input to work. The optical output of the receiver may not output that except when the input is stereo. You can check the receiver manual to see if there is a way to set it to do that.
If not then the solution is to get an optical to analog converter that accepts a 5.1 input and connect the transmitter to that.
Thanks for the reply.

I didn't realize or rather I wasn't thinking, the earphones put our RF and aren't bluetooth. But I was reading about a converter like the one you suggested would maybe work. But then the reviews said there was background noise.
The converter itself shouldn't generate any noise but if the output of it is too low for the transmitter then having to turning the volume up in the headphones might be noisy. If the transmitter is meant to plug into a headphone output then the output of the converter will be very low for it.
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