News Signal just added key upgrades to make its app more friendly

Feb 3, 2023
It's also killing support for sms/mms which makes it extremely unfriendly... They want your phone number and your contacts list but won't allow you to use them the way you want to use them. If I want to send unsecure messages to non-Signal users as well as send encrypted messages to other Signal users why can't I? It's still better & easier than using multiple messaging apps which you're forced to do unless you can get your entire contacts list including businesses & relatives to use the same secure messaging app let alone a secure messaging app at all. Not everyone sees the need for it or wants to be restricted by only being able to message other app users which I understand & don't want to be restricted by it either. I don't need end to end encryption for messaging granny or my nieces or to message with customer support at home depot nor do I want to require those people to use the same messaging app as I do in order to correspond with me. Having your entire contacts list all use the exact same messaging app is just not feasible & contacting all of them without using multiple messaging apps is just not something I nor anyone else I know wants to do. In fact I lost a job because I was sending messages through Signal & the recipient had Signal on their phone but used a different app as their default app. When you send a Signal message it will automatically go to the Signal app but it won't notify you the message is there unless Signal is your default app so the person did not see any of my messages. So as soon as Signal kills support for sms/mms, you either won't get notification of Signal messages, or you won't get notification of messages from anybody not using Signal, depending on which app is your default. Not easy or friendly at all.