Question Smart watch recommendation

Apr 21, 2024

So, I've never owned a smartwatch before and I want to get one. Thing is I am not sure why I want one, its more of a tick am having and that is why I can't decide on what to get.

First I thought of Huawei GT3 Pro, mostly for its design and the battery life also the accuracy of its HB system. But not having many apps got me worried (like voice recording, notes, responding to messages) I am not sure if I would ever use any of these apps but since am still roaming around the idea of purchasing the product. Do you have any other products that you would recommend around this budget or should I just go with the gt3 pro.

It's all about knowing what I need the watch for, but since I dont have that figured. I'd like to hear your opinions


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Dec 4, 2019
I'll refer you to an earlier post of mine about Smartwatches...

I have a Galaxy Watch 4 and Pixel Watch. I use none of them after a few days. The novelty wore off. If you want notifications on your wrist, and some of the health features, sure. Get a smartwatch. If you just need to know the time, get a normal watch. In the end, only you can tell if you need/want a smartwatch. I thought I wanted one.. I do not.
Personally, I wouldn't buy a Huawei GT3 Pro due it using HarmonyOS and its features being a bit lacking. But then again, I'm not much of a Smartwatch person I guess.
May 7, 2024
I'm using novamos S6 smartwatch, it can use SIM(4G LTE)and wifi, it has two cameras, the network information is not bad, what I like most is that it has a lot of memory, I can download the software I want.