[Solved]Active cooling vs passive in power options


Mar 20, 2010
There's this option that has been confusing me for a while. I have found out what each of the two does but the problem is I can't decide which one to go for when my laptop is running on battery. On battery, the only thing I do is internet browsing or just watch a movie or do some typing. I feel as if passive cooling is the way to go when on battery because of low noise (though my laptop doesn't make much even with the fan) and cpu decreases voltage thus more battery life but would it mean that the heat produced by HDD won't be able to get out since the fan is the only exhaust.

- i7 3610qm (on power save, max cpu is reduced to 20% in power options)
- Hdd 5400rmp
- gt630 but i'm using the intel one when on battery.

Please suggest
This is really only something you can decide. Some people can't abide the fan noise on some laptops, some would rather crank them to keep a system cool. Since you have an i7, I imagine even a bit of throttling (slowing of the CPU) won't affect your experience much in simple tasks, in which case a passive power plan does seem more suited. Other tasks may warrant higher clocks from the CPU, so you'll have to play it by ear.


Dec 14, 2013
;Passive will be quieter and save you on batery life. It will last longer on a charge. The differnce between them as far as i understand it is that passive only kicks up to high rpm at fairly high tempratures. Where active will kick into a higher rpm at a lower temprature. Both would work for you, and i always run mine on active. But like said its choice and i reckon you should stick with passive, and if your warried get a laptop cooler to make things last for a bizillion years :)

You're close! I believe the Active profile/policy revs the fan(s) before throttling the CPU, where as Passive does just the opposite; at a particular temperature threshold, it reduces the CPU speed to reduce heat before it resorts to revving the fans.


Dec 14, 2013

Oh wow thats really cool, something i didnt know xD
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