Something is closing my tasks as soon as i type "adware"


Feb 1, 2018
Hello everybody,

Just today my computer was exposed to some adware (most likely bc of my stupidity). If I click on something which includes the the word "adware" such as AdwCleaner, something is killing the task (mozilla, chrome and even explorer.exe). I have scanned the computer with MBAM, HitmanPro and currently scanning with SpyBot. They have deleted and quarantined several malwares and adwares but something is still causing this. Pls help me get rid of this cr*p... possibly a keylogger?
If the above don't help, you can try a bootable scanner from Kaspersky or BitDefender *on an uninfected computer*, obviously....

Failing that, in the amount of time total you spent on it thus far, I could have reinstalled Win10 ...about 10 times.... :)

cherry blossoms

Apr 13, 2016
If attempting to salvage your current install :

Install a hosts file to block some internet redirects and callouts :
A good one can be found here:

Reboot in safe mode. Stay in safe mode while cleaning

Run RKILL: Do NOT reboot after running rkill. Rkill unhooks some processes that can interfere with scans. Rebooting restarts those processes.

Run Sophos . NOT a full fledged suite, just a runtime scanner. Finds a few nasties that others don't seem to.

Run Hitman Pro:

Run ADWCleaner:

Run Malwarebytes:

Check your start programs.

Use Microsoft's Sysinternals Utility AutoRuns to see what is being autostarted. You can unhook startup entries as well within this program..

If you want to see what is running, Microsoft's Sysinternals Process Explorer may help you find odd entries as well:

Go though your browser's addons, see what is attached to run, and delete there.

Finally, Goto Programs and Features (not apps and features), and can delete suspicious items from there (as long as processes stopped)

Jun 9, 2018
I just had the same issue, because of my stupidity downloaded a game patch from random website, i used zendama or something like that which is no 1 antimalware on google, don't need to buy it just use the trial one and in within 5 mins its detected the adware, i hope this help you because your post actually helped to use that program somehow