Question Sonos Roam or Megaboom 3?


Feb 17, 2016
So I had a lower model of UE speaker but it was mostly problem after problem and now just isnt working at all so I wanna get a new one. I was thinking of the Sonos Roam, it seems really cool, USB type C charger which is a big plus for me. The only thing is, I've heard its not the loudest. I was wondering if itd be loud enough for a moderate sized room, listening in a park, showering, etc. Ive heard the Megaboom 3 is a lot louder and also has much better battery life, my reservations are the quality, the fact it only has a USB 2 charger and its UE which I havent had great experiences with. Ive also heard the sony srs-xb23 is a good one and that the new one of that series is due to come out soon. Id like to know which would be best and if the Sonos Roams volume and battery life are good enough to be a deal breaker.

Thanks in advance :)


In that price range, the JBL Charge may be better than either the Sonos or US Megaboom, but for loudness you need to go up a bit in range to something like a JBL Xtreme, which is well suited for outdoors at a decent distance. I own a Megaboom but don't like it as much as the JBL Charge I have demoed in stores.