Question Sony Bravia & Onkyo receiver issues

Jun 26, 2019
Hi everyone! This is my first thread, so I hope that I'm following the rules properly :)

I have several issues that keep recurring with my new setup.

My setup is as follows:

  • Horizon Mediabox (Ziggo Mediabox XL) with HDMI out to Onkyo receiver
  • Onkyo TX-SR309 receiver with HDMI in from Mediabox (BD/DVD) and HDMI out to Sony TV. (As well as audio in from record player (TV/CD), HDMI in for laptop (CBL/SAT) and HDMI in from Chromecast (GAME (or PC)))
  • Sony Bravia KDL 40-EX600 with HDMI in from receiver (HDMI4, doesn't say ARC)
  • 5.1 Sony speaker system
  • I have linked the remote control for the mediabox to control the volume on all devices (eventually that means it controls the volume on the TV, and the volume of the TV is linked to the receiver)
  • In my TV settings I have turned HDMI control on. The speaker setting is set to the receiver
  • In my receiver settings I have turned HDMI control (RIHD) on. HDMI Through is set to Auto, and Audio TV Out is also set to Auto, Audio Return Ch is also set to Auto.
My issues are as follows:

  • Sometimes when I turn on Chromecast, the TV decides it forgets that it is linked to the receiver. At this point, the audio plays from the TV speaker, instead of the receiver. The Chromecast and receiver have then also disappeared from the device list (in HDMI control settings of TV). At this point I have to update the device list, and turn the speaker setting back to the receiver (instead of TV speaker) in the TV settings.
  • My surround speakers (rear left and rear right) have stopped working at some point in the installation process - at some point when I was linking the remote control to be able to adjust the volume for the receiver.
  • Sometimes when I switch the receiver to CBL/SAT, the TV switches to Digital TV (which is not operative), instead of the external input it was on (HDMI4). At this point, the receiver also switches to TV/CD (which is audio from my record player). At this point I have to change the source of the TV back to HDMI4 and have to turn the speaker setting back to the receiver in the TV settings.
If you need more information, please feel free to ask. I very much hope that someone can help me with these issues!
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CEC, which is used to control devices over HDMI, rarely works as expected.
I would suggest you turn it off and use the individual remotes or get a Logitech Harmony universal remote (and maybe the hub too). That can usually be programmed to operate anything. The Hub allows for more reliable macros since you no longer have to point the remote.
Assuming that your surround speakers work when you go through the receiver set up then I would suggest you make sure that each source is set to output in surround sound. If the surround mode is set to Auto, rather than Dolby, the receiver will default to stereo if it doesn't detect Dolby Digital. When it's set to Dolby to will go to Dolby Prologic and you will get surround sound from stereo content.
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