Sony Bravia Red Screen

Shaun o

As a matter of fact you don`t need much of a clue as to what is going on with the screen of the Sony tv/monitor you have.
What you are looking at is a bad ribbon contact from the main video processing board.

The most common thing to happen is that the connector board for the ribbon from the main video processing board to the top of the lcd screen it`s self where it connects is starting to warp, this causes improper contact on the end of the ribbon where it can sit in the connector with a locking flap to hold the ribbon in place.

It leads to colors missing, or out of the RGB signal one to become more prominent in an area of the lcd screen.
The cause is often because if you touch the screen or bezel on a monitor or tv that is Lcd based it is often much hotter since heat rises and collects from the rest of the electronic components of the tv such as the transformer placed on the main video board.

Often you can test if this is the case by applying pressure to the top part of the bezel , Or open up the monitor unclip the ribbon from it`s connector check there is no warp in the small but thin circuit board that may be used flexing it.
Or simply realigning the ribbon cable and see if the color distortion debates.

Anyway what you looking at is exactly the problem explained above ok.

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